API Documentation

Drafft comes with an optional REST API for querying on a loaded project. It is an App Setting and can be enabled in options.

For now, this will only work if Drafft is running and a project is loaded.

APP Options

  • Enable API: If true a REST API will be started when opening a project.
  • API Key: This API key will need to be present in the request header as x-api-key
  • API Port: The port where the server will listen to connections. Default 9001

Api Options

API Reference

Get Game Export

Gets a game-ready JSON object. Same as clicking “Export Game Content” in the app.

GET /game-export

The exported collections will be as defined in the project settings althought they can be specified for further filtering with a collections field with comma separated values:

Accepted Values: ProjectSettings GDD Scripts Actors Quests Items Misc Grids Kanban

GET /game-export?collections=Scripts,Items,Actors

Get Database Dump

Gets a database dump directly from the PouchDB instance. It accepts any PouchDB allDocs options. Default options are include_docs: true and options.attachments: true

GET /db-dump
GET /db-dump
GET /db-dump?include_docs=false&attachments=false&descending=true

Database Dump

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