Cross-platform collaborative and organized game development.

DRAFFT is a multiplatform collaborative design and development tool for easy and organized game development. It features a GDDs editor, Script editor, Dialogue Trees editor, a generic Database Editor and game ready exporter in plain JSON format.

The project aims to solve file clutter while providing a centralized environment for every aspect of your project.


  • GDDs, Scripts, Dialogue Trees and Generic Database Editor and exporter.
  • One repository: All your data in one place, sorted, searchable, editable.
  • Your Game, your data: You own your data, it lives on your computer and it can be optionally synced to a remote database.
  • Multi user: Several users can work offline on the same database and sync changes in real time to a remote master database.
  • Nice UI: Because staring at a screen while building the next big hit should be a pleasant experience.
  • Engine Agnostic: Standard JSON export for any usage.

How do I authorize Drafft?

You can use DRAFFT in evaluation mode for as long as you want, without any missing feature.

Drafft licence is very reasonably priced. If you enjoyed the software or you find it useful please consider supporting development by purchasing the full version.

See more details at: https://baj.itch.io/drafft

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